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5 Tips for Preparing for Your Photo Session

You've done your research and you've chosen your photographer; now it's time to prepare for your photo session. Here are five simple tips you can follow that will help ease your anxiety and get you ready for the big day!

1. Communicate!

Any reputable professional photographer should be a great communicator. They are there to walk you through the process of art making from start to finish. Make sure that you communicate with them and respond to correspondance leading up to the big day. You should be going into the session with confidence and be comfortable asking questions to help you feel more at ease. Some talking points on your check list may include consulting about your wardrobe, confirming your time and location, and telling them any special requests or considerations that you may have, if they haven't already covered these things already.

2. Take care of yourself!

There are few things worse than walking into a session tired, hungover, or stressed out about life. Make sure that you get a good night's sleep, are well hydrated, and have eaten before your session. This includes the little ones as well. One thing to consider, I suppose, is that if there is not a bathroom on location, you may want to hold off on the water an hour before your session!

3. Give yourself plenty of time!

Although the session may have a time frame or allotment, it doesn't mean that your time around the session needs to. Don't try to squish in a session around sports, work, or other important obligations. If you're having your photos done at a local park, for example, leave time for your kids to unwind and play on the playground afterwards. A good rule of thumb is to arrive 15-20 minutes early for your session. A constant challenge photographers deal with is late clients. It makes things potentially awkward and tense during the session, and doesn't leave enough time to capture those genuine, athentic smiles you're all looking for.

4. Bring the necessities!

It's always great when moms come with addfdf bag full of tricks for their little ones. One thing I've been meaning to do is bring a photographable toy for kids to hold onto if they need something to fidget with, as opposed to Dad's phone, or Mom's keys. You can make this more meaningful by bringing their favorite doll, a hat or accessory, or simple toy. Another great thing to come prepared with are snacks and water. Stay away from anything with red or orange in them as they can dye the mouth and make for dirty hands that will soil clothing. If you are a senior or branding client, make sure to bring a hair brush, extra lip gloss (if applicable), accessories, and anything else you might need, even if it's just in case.

5. Remember to smile!

Ultimately, this is supposed to be a fun experience! Your kids and family will remember the session for years to come. Take a deep breath, set aside the time to relax and be present, and worry about life later. If you are able to do this, your family will follow you and feed off your positive attitude and energy.

So, after you've read all of that, what questions do you have? Ask us anything! Comment below!

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This is great information that you have shared! I hope a lot of people read it and and then are prepared when they come to get their pictures taken!

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