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How to Choose a Professional Photographer

It's been awhile, and you're interested in finding a local photographer to take updated pictures for your photo wall in your living room. Tommy isn't so little anymore, and toothless grins are a thing of the past. The best news is that you recently lost 60 lbs and you want to document your tremendous achievement with brand new photos. Heck, you might even be able to get your husband to smile, even if just a little. No matter what your reason is, it's time, and here are some tips and considerations for finding a photographer that will truly capture these precious moments before the kids grow up and go off to school, and your full house is a bit emptier.

  1. Support local business - There are hundreds, even thousands of photographers in our world today. Instead of going to your local department store for some quick snaps, consider working with a local small business owner whose photos will be unique yet timeless, and of course will support your local economy. Whether it's a mention in a local Facebook Group, word-of-mouth, or a Google search, you will be able to identify local individuals and studios that give a 5 star luxury experience right in your own backyard (not literally!).

  2. Be aware of what the industry considers as quality - while you may be thinking that it'd be nice to get as many pictures as you can for a small fee, you'll regret going for quantity over quality. It may require you to invest a little deeper into your images, but you'll be thankful once you see the images hand-edited and uniquely designed to your style and liking.

  3. Choose someone who specializes in the type of photography you're looking for. Most photographers can pretty much shoot anything requested, but you'll definitely know you've found the right match after you sit down and ask questions, and learn about their business.

  4. Ask about the amenities - what is included in your prospective photographer's services? Do they provide hair and makeup? Is there a consultation to prepare you for the big day? How are prints, products, and digitals handled? Bring a list of questions and be ready to receive answers!

  5. Be prepared to invest - your photos will be treasured for a lifetime and beyond. Your great great great grandchild will one day look at your picture and be proud to call you family.

No matter who you choose, we're here to help you find a good fit for your wants, needs, and budget. Check out to see what's happening and send us an inquiry to find out more information about Simply Beyoutiful Photography.

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