Let us help you tell your story with confidence

Simply BeYoutiful Photography believes that your senior portrait session should tell YOUR story. Becca will help to design a unique, personalized, and trendy senior picture experience based on your hobbies, passions, and dreams to showcase your one-of-a-kind personality.  We service students in West Bend, WI and the surrounding areas of greater Milwaukee. Let us join you in your journey to making your senior year one worth remembering! Visit our booking page to schedule your free consultation today!

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The Modern Experience

"Modern, sleek, clean, vibrant, editorial."  All words that have been used to describe our unique portraiture, and one-of-a-kind full service 21st century experience for today's trendy teen.  "It's like right out of a magazine."  "I felt like a model for a day," says Emerson, one of our 2023 senior ambassadors.  We pamper you like you deserve.  From your favorite coffee, to a light lunch or snack, makeup and hair, access to our client closet and most up to date styling advice, we bring you through an experience that you'll never forget.  


Didn't think the deal could get any sweeter?  Bring that sibling, friend, or even parent along to be part of the shoot and join in the fun.  This may be your only opportunity to have everyone together one last time before your son or daughter heads off to bigger things.  You will treasure these moments and images created for a life time.  

Meet Our 2023 Ambassadors

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Interested in being a 2024 Senior Ambassador?  Check out our blog to learn about what being an ambassador looks like!  We'll take you on an adventure you'll never forget with our luxury experience from start to finish.


Celebrate your high school experience with our Senior Magazine, a captivating snapshot into your life as you transition from teenager into adulthood.  This piece of art is inspired by YOU and will feature your favorite images, lyrics, quotes, and more. 

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This day was like something straight out of Ellyanna's dreams. She was surrounded by beautiful flowers and then we found a hidden water fall! I will always think of how excited she was to find that waterfall and how quickly she turned to thank us for giving her this photo session. These photographers really made this day all about her and the pictures prove it. I am so glad we decided to give Ellyanna this experience. It is a wonderful memory for not only her but us as well.


Becca did my son's Senior year photos and we couldn't have been more pleased with the experience! She was professional in her conduct and made my son feel very comfortable and at ease during the entire shoot. She brought out his natural smile and suggested many different spots and poses that turned out wonderfully. I appreciated the fact that she knew what she was doing and gave him direction, but welcomed his input as well. The photos are of impeccable quality, and both my son and I love them. I would recommend her services to anyone!