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Travelling Back

My love for photography began when I was a young kid. We were taking a trip out west one summer in my dad's classic Ford Windstar. It was back before the days of seatbelts, and my sister and I had those back seats staked out with our bedsheets and pillows, each making our own fort for the 16 hour drive to Colorado that was ahead of us. As a gift, my mom had given us each a disposable camera for the trip. We were the picture-taking kind of family and I couldn't wait to get started!

Long story short, I share this story because of the outcome - I was so excited about the great plains of Nebraska which I'd learned about in school that I took all 24 pictures of the endless land with my flash on through the window on my way there. By the time we arrived to see the looming Colorado Rockies, there were no pictures left to be taken.

Needless to say, my picture-taking skills have grown over time. I've always been the one to have a camera in my hand. I took my hobby to a new level when I purchased my Canon T2i in 2012, shortly before leaving on a trip to 11 countries in 11 months. I'd like to share a few pictures from my travels here so they won't get forgotten over time. I learned a lot throughout the journey, and a passion for showing people the beauty that God creates in each one of us was ignited. Here are a couple of my favorites.

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