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Mommy's Wedding Dress Sessions

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

As we come into wedding season, I can't help but think of my own wedding and when I said yes to the dress. I had perused one of the large stores, but didn't find anything that I could really say, "YES! This is the one!" I was driving through the historic downtown West Bend, and saw Le's Bridal...I decided to stop in. After I let the owner know what I was looking for, she lead me to THE dress. It was exactly what I had seen in my mind's step? I called up my mom and told her I'd found THE DRESS. She came up that night and went back to the store with me and I got to twirl around in it for her. It was a quick, but great memory made with my mom.


Flash forward...This fall my husband (Tim) and I (Jen) will celebrate 11 years married...and since has definitely been full and has brought us 4 incredible kids (Lila 8, Levi almost 5, Lukas 2, and Layah 5 months). Getting to share special moments with each of our kids is something I treasure. But...there are some special moments I get to share with my daughters that are just for daughters. My oldest has always wanted to try on my wedding course I made it into a session to help capture those precious moments. The giggles and joy that those moments brought her brought so much joy to me.

I had actually started doing "wedding dress sessions" as part of newborn sessions at the request of a client and they quickly became one of my favorite parts and a client favorite. This past October when our youngest was born, I got the joy of capturing her in my wedding dress as well. I definitely look forward to also getting to recreate what I did with her older sister when she gets a bit bigger.

This session is a great way to make an incredible memory with your daughter(s). It can be done as a part of a newborn session or we offer a "Mommy's Wedding Dress" session for daughters of all ages. Book your session here: Book a Session ($175 session fee includes session time, 5 digital images - prints, canvases, albums, and digitals available for purchase - $25/additional sibling). This session makes an incredible heirloom piece!

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