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Cake Smash Time for Lillieanna

Updated: May 24, 2021

What can I say? I'm a sucker for a sweet smile, and I was honored to have Lillieanna spend the morning of her first birthday in our studio. Catching these quick moments is such a pleasure. Such a beautiful little girl who I am very certain will grow to be a strong woman like her mama!

Cake Smash sessions start with 1 year portraits:

And's time for some CAKE!! It took her a bit to get into that cake...and...a little coaxing from Mom and Big Brother...but her cake definitely got smashed!

So, what does it really look like at a cake smash session...Sometimes there are tears...sometimes snuggles are needed...there are times when one year olds just don't want to do what they are told...sometimes they need to be chased. What I love about these sessions is that it's not just about the pictures, but also about the memories made. I was so blessed to spend the morning with a fellow mama and two of her littles, helping them make memories.

One big goal for our clients is that they have an experience that isn't full of stress, so thought we'd show you the behind the scenes as a reminder that life is still real...even when you're at a photo session...and especially with kids!

Here's a little behind the scenes :)

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