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All the Grandparents!

Both Becca and I love when we are able to give back with our gifts and today was no exception. Our kids attend Ozaukee Christian School in West Bend. Today was Grandparent's Day! It was a great day that allowed me to experience some great connections. Truly a day where OCS honored grandparents.

So, what does that have to do with us? Well, I got to spend my morning taking photos of the lovely students and grandparents of OCS. It was a fast...but very fun...morning filled with LOADS of LOVE and LAUGTHER!

So...Here's to the Grandmas, Grandpas, Nanas, Papas, Omas, Opas, Mimis, Papaws, Gammas, Grams, Gramps, Pops...who I had the great pleasure of capturing portraits of today!

And then there's my kids often have the hardest time when it comes to photos...being a photographer does NOT mean my kids always cooperate (...a little's rare that they do...) My 2 year old rarely looks at the camera!

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Absolutely beautiful 😍 Thank you for capturing these precious memories. ❤

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