•  Family & friends - well because they're my number 1 support system.

  • Travel - 'its the only thing you buy that makes you richer.' ;) We're big on travel, adventures and exploring new places near or far. Im always itching to go somewhere I've never been.

  • DIY (Do It Yourself) - A lot of our furnitures in our home has been diy-ed by either myself or John. Its a pretty rewarding thing when you can look at something and say 'I made that.'

  • Capturing moments and making life stand still - my favorite pictures are the ones that are candid. It just shows the sincerity between the love of two people or family.

  • Golden Hour! My favorite time of the day!

  • I love to laugh - thats why I married my goofball of a husband! I'm also a sucker for rom-coms and a hopeless romantic. 

  • Spring & Fall - for its beauty, the colors that surround us during these two seasons is just amazing. Plus the weather, Im not a fan of the humidity in the summer and the freezing temps in the winter.

  • Scandal, Once Upon A Time, Walking Dead, The Voice and anything rom-com, or drama-- Nicholas Sparks inspired movies.​

  • Pinterest! But again, who doesnt!? :)

My name is Jenn... yes thats with two N's and no its not short for Jennifer! :) I lived in San Diego, Ca most of my life, and its also where I met John. I first showed real interest in photography my sophomore year in high-school, where I took a film photography class as an elective, but didn't actually fully get into it 'til John gifted me with my first Nikon dslr back in 2007. I have since worked for two photography studios and have watched & attended several workshops to help better my skills. Its just been an amazing journey. I never settle, because there is always something new to learn.

I have my bachelors degree in Teaching, and would love to have my own classroom when opportunity comes, preferably in the primary grade level. I love kids! We don't have one of our own yet, but soon I hope. 

We do have a little furbaby, and adore him like the bubba that he is. He's a shihtzu-poodle mix, the cutest furball ever!

I dont really have a favorite color, but I'm particularly drawn to pastel colors. They make me happy! But black, gray and white attracts me too.

I'm a pretty simple person. If I could, I'd go out in joggers and a sweater all the time, but I know thats not possible. 

I'd prefer to travel vs. spend money on designer things (although it doesn't hurt once in a while) 

Im the eldest of two. We like to bicker and argue, but we're super close. My sister is also my personal graphic designer.

I have two tattoos, one of them is of a camera.