My name is John.  A California soul living in the beautiful Hampton Roads.  Many say that there isn't much in this area, but living in Virginia since 2008, I've learned that once I actually decided to step outside of my front door and explored what this city had to offer, Hampton Roads is filled with hidden gems.  I'm easily distracted and will take any opportunity to shoot anything that captures my eye.  

  During photo shoots you'll usually see me snapping away in the background.  When I'm not wandering away (usually shooting the landscape), I try and capture the moments that are missed during the photo-shoot.  The moments when you've relaxed and gotten comfortable,  the genuine laughs and smiles, the "Candids".

  My style of photography is definitely different from my wife's, but that's what makes us the perfect pair.  We try and capture every aspect and pick the best from either camera, whether it is mine or hers or both. 



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